Friday, July 9, 2010

Goodbye Austin!

Saying goodbye is never fun but we do it anyway. I asked myself this past month if it is worth it to get to entrenched with people everywhere we move, and I came to the conclusion that it is. I have learned so much from everyone that I met in Austin, and I wouldn't trade that for the option of having an easier exit. Here are some of our pics of our final moments in Texas. Above is Heidi and I at the Eclipse premiere. It was literally the day before I flew out. Heidi was really there for me this year and taught me about asking for help. She also is the best person to shop with and try not to gossip with, unless it's about celebrities and hey that is what they signed up for! Throw in some spiritual conversations and some solid advice, I know we really picked eachother up this year. Best Friend Austin goes to Heidi!
Another thing we HAD to do before leaving was go to Rudy's. Rudy's is a BBQ joint that Jason waxes poetic about. He even leaves his phone in the car for Rudy's. He doesn't even do that for me! I admit it was good! We met most of our culinary goals in Texas but I still didn't get Tamales!

Here is Kat and HER best friend Lola. This was the first time my laziness didn't get the best of me and I scheduled enough times for them to get together and become close. Her folks are great and had Kat over all the time. We even managed to have Lola spend the night before we left (which is a big deal for us)
Here are my favorite ladies from Toastmasters, Kay and Faye. They were my friends and mentors. They were my biggest fans this year and gave me the courage to really turn a hobby into a passion. You never know how much positivity can transform you until you have friends like these! I will miss my cheerleaders!
Here some awesome ladies and I shared a birthday. Brae and Amy and I put together a night of Kareoke and dancing. We threw a great party! I loved seeing all my church friends one last time though I did miss Jason who was in Ireland. Some highlights were "singing" Bust a Move with Adrienne, and a great duet with Nick. The cake though was the best part of my evening! Nisa did an amazing job and I could taste all the love that went into that cake!

Looking back on all of our moves I give Austin a top 5 for sure. You can't beat the culture, lake, and people as far as America goes. I wouldn't be disappointed if we moved back one day! But who knows, only God, we stopped planning years ago!