Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dublin Time Machine

Last night I attended my second concert since NKOTB reunited. This time, they had joined up with The Backstreet Boys. Talk about epic marketing! That was the most genius idea of all time. Think of the money! Anyway.... I like the Backstreet Boys, but when they were out I was already married and I certainly didn't have the boy band fever I did with NKOTB. As I was screaming and dancing last night I was also asking myself- what is wrong with you? I came to several conclusions- conclusions that supported my insanity. 

NKOTB are a time machine for me. 
When I was about 12, my cousin, who lived in Boston, wrote and told me I HAD to listen to this new group called New Kids on the Block. At the time my music choices were limited to what my parents were listening to in the car. I wasn't yet at the stage where I was buying my own music. During the summer we were at our family reunion. Every night the adults would get together and hang out. Us teenagers were left to our own devices, which meant watching MTV. I remember everything about the first time I saw this video: 
It was Jordan singing I'll be Loving you Forever. I had barely just admitted to myself that I was starting to get boy crazy. Watching that video I fell into that spell that all young teens do at some point: idol worship. Crushing from afar. It was delicious, and boy did Tiger Beat and Bop magazine support my addiction. I didn't have a lot of money, but I got my first cassette tape, and had all the pull-out magazine posters all over my ceiling. I struggled with the eternal question: who did my heart belong to? Jordan or Joey? It seemed Joe was always singing "Please Don't Go Girl" because he knew he was loosing me to Jordan, who promised he'd "Be Lovin' Me Forever" . 

The fad didn't last too long, just a few years. I never got to go to a concert, but I did have their behind the scenes VHS and all three of their albums. I also had my jean jacket, black hat, and buttons with their faces on them. Soon we received word (from popular girls everywhere) that it was no longer cool to like NKOTB. I put away my childish things and soon moved on. Though I did secretly keep a poster behind my clothes in my closet; after all they were my first love.

Years went by and I didn't think of them much other then to laugh when I heard one of their songs, or played my kids "Funky Christmas" during the holidays. But then, they reunited! And I was an adult, with money for tickets, and could drive myself to see them! At that concert, all the feelings of 13 came flooding back, and for 3 hours or so I was nothing but happy. It was amazing to finally give my 13 year old self that gift- of seeing her crushes in concert. 

So did I need to see them again? Probably not. But every time I get the opportunity (because I am reasonable, I am not using grocery money to be their year round groupie)  I have a chance to visit 13 year old me, and be without responsibility and just live in the moment. So for that, yeah, I tell everyone I go see NKOTB. I am not ashamed. And 13 year old Sarah thanks me everytime. 

PS- Backstreet Boys were there, they were awesome, but not as awesome as my boys. They look amazing for being in their 40's!!! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alex's Birthday

For Alex's birthday we went with a Lego theme. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to whip up some decor and games (especially when the party stuff I ordered didn't arrive). The printables I used and game ideas were from this blog: Thanks to that lady! Here is how it turned out!

This is our lego pull apart pinata. I kind of made up this one as I went a long. We only had plastic cups so we had to sharpie those. Ghetto but it worked!

These printable legos were the main decor. I put them under the glass of the dining room table and on the walls.
The printables also provided me with little gift boxes for our guests.
I used Smarties to make the bumps and fondant to make the legos. Put it all on a Texas Sheet cake and everyone is happy.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Message From Your Mother, A Message From Your Wife.

Over the last few months I have been thinking and praying about how to accept my husband and my children as they are. I have the tendency to think, "How could he do that? He ALWAYS does that." "She NEVER does what I ask her" "Are they just a BAD kid? Have I already RUINED them?" I would find myself in a worry cyclone and before I knew it I would be unable to sleep and way too stressed to think of anything productive. All of these thoughts mostly happen when I am trying to fall asleep. This is also the time when I am praying or have just read my scriptures. So last night some thoughts came to me, and for once I got out of bed and wrote them down. If I can actually believe and live these things I think we can be happier as a family. I hope this helps someone else too, because I know I am not the only person that feels this way sometimes.

New Ideas

I have been a bad bad blogger. But it's ok, most of the people that are important to me are on Facebook, which I update every day. But lately I have had some creative moments and some deep thoughts. So while in principle, this blog has been most recently a way to report what we are doing, it is now reverting back to its original state as a place to express myself. Hope you still enjoy it and come back often!