Monday, June 29, 2009

June Haps

Guess what? It was my birthday! And my Bestest Texas buddies did not leave me hanging even though I had moved away! Everyone did an amazing job of keeping it secret including Jason who played dumb the whole time. When the big day arrived for me to go on my girls weekend he plugged an address into the GPS, gave me a new purse full of magazines and a bag of treats and I was off! The GPS took me to a beautiful spa and resort on Lake Conroe. And there they were! Waiting next to the valet!

Here is me very sleepy in a very posh place!
We went out, we ate, we got our nails done, but most of all we did this:

I love those guys and I miss them SOOOOO much! Thanks for making my birthday really special and for giving me a special goodbye memory!

When I got home everyone was very sweet and on my actual birthday the family took me to the Iguana Grill for dinner. The food was great and the view gorgeous!
Even though it is super hot and it is slow going on the house I still am really loving Austin. This weekend I took the kids swimming in Lake Travis. The water was nice and warm and the views were great but look no beach!
Turns out we are in a major drought! We were actually asked at church to pray for rain this coming week. It felt very old testament but it is great getting back to basics.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What a recap I have to do! So in May we were still going back and forth to Austin to visit Jason and look at houses. While we were there we celebrated Mother's Day and I got my usual chocolate Strawberries for breakfast. This year Jason got even fancier! After more then a month living without us we felt time running out and we needed to make a decision on where we were going to live. We tried to get several houses close to town but they were snatched out from under us. Apparently the market isn't too bad in Austin! One day when I was out looking at houses by myself I drove out towards Lake Travis. My heart started to sing when I saw the beautiful landscape! It is hilly and green with water. Gorgeous! It was like Virginia and Colorado had a baby! I was in love. Eventually we found a house out there and when we were checking out the church we met a family who took us to a swimming hole for Memorial Day:

It was such a fun day! Since we had found a house things started ramping up in Houston. We had our house for sale or lease and the same weekend we found a rental in Austin, we found a renter in Houston. It was the first time we took care of a house before we moved out of it! The last week I was in Houston I had a chance to go out with my favorite girls to a Creperie and Kereoke place. It was perfect. Here I am with my BFF's . As usual I am the giant in the picture.
Finally it was time to go. The kids were out of school, the movers had finished and I had the place cleaned. Adam stayed behind to go to Scout camp and me Alex, Kat and the pets drove to Austin. Here is Lilo and Tuck, reunited in the car. They were so funny. They sat together watching the scenery for almost two hours.

The weekend after our arrival was Jason's birthday. I managed to find a babysitter and arrange for a sunset cruise on Lake Travis. He has always wanted to learn how to sail. Here he is asking a million questions.
I'm on a boat!

We didn't have any 3's so Jason had to be 55 for the day instead of 35. We started unpacking and have been working really hard. It's hot but we are having fun discovering things. Some things are discovering us! This is a scorpion in our sink hiding under dishes.

This little guy was the reason my garage wouldn't close. I have seen him a couple of times and I think he resents that we moved in! Jason likes to unpack together (so he can meticulously put things away perfectly as opposed to my tossing things willy nilly) so most of the days I just drive around with the kids looking for stuff to do. We found our lake access that comes with our house. It's about 10 minutes away, but we have a boat ramp and lots of rope swings. We also have found the pool, library, Hoppin' House (like Pump it up) and the movie theater. We are starting to make friends and I feel like this is going to be a great place for us. Even though the house is crazy and it will be MONTHS before we feel moved in, I am trying to count my blessings and tell myself: This sure beats being UNEMPLOYED!

We are still alive don't worry!

I unpacked the desktop today so I will be posting pictures soon. So far we LOVE our new town right by lake Travis near Austin. The house is beautiful and if only the outside wasn't 100 degrees we would be really enjoying our country livin! Stay tuned!