Monday, February 15, 2010


This year we played it low key, (come to think of it that was a lot like last years broke Valentines Day) We made a nice dinner when the kids were in bed and ate it in the living room with a fire and good movie. We watched Couples Retreat and it was surprisingly great. The food was so good that we slept all night without waking once and I was still sleepy at church. It was really nice. For the kids we made a Valentine cake to eat for breakfast (recipe from my friend at the blog "Sweetest of All") then we snuck upstairs and gave them "heart attacks" and cupid kisses. It was pretty fun. I am not a day to day fun mom but for the holidays I can sure pull it out!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

December Addendum

Well I have managed to find a few pics from December- on three different devices! I still have to get a few off of Jason's phone, but enjoy these!Here is Adam about to learn about the Birds and the Bees. At this point he thinks he just go to go out to dinner with dad.
Going out with the Fam and trying Oysters for the first time. Not bad, but was NOT an afrodesiac! *sp??

My parents house at sunset. It will always be home.
Ready to enjoy the snow!
Playing Makeover will all the girl cousins
Building gingerbread houses
Yeah! A Chinese Buffet on Christmas Day!

100 Years of Boy Scouts!

No I did not want to get up at 6:30 am on a Saturday BUT someday Adam will be able to say he marched in the parade to celebrate 100 years of scouts. Apparently every year the scouts from all over Texas report to the governor. SO we got out of bed and made our way downtown. Afterwards we appreciated the city by stopping at Crispy Creme Donuts. It was sooooo good. Here is some of the news coverage:

Later that night Jason and I enjoyed another Austin night by going to Mighty Fine Burger which rivals if not surpasses IN and Out Burger (yeah I said it) and then Comedy Sportz. It was a great night. We are really trying to take advantage of living in a great city.


January is notorious for being sucky. Once you get over New Years and stop doing all of your resolutions all you have left is crappy weather. But we were lucky to have a few decent days and Uncle James stopped by to help us get up and get out. We went and explored Hamilton Pool and it was amazing and close! I can't believe we never went there in nice weather! It was a great day