Friday, December 19, 2008

New Christmas Traditions!

Last year our dear friend Bethanne got us an amazing gift. It was a gingerbread nativity set So this Christmas we finally got it out. Thanks to Pillsbury's ready made ginger bread dough it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. Afterwords we went caroling and stopped by a local church that was doing a live nativity scene. Sounds like new traditions to me!We also took our Christmas pictures and got the cards out. Also during December we have been busy with Scouting.Here is Kat getting her Daisy Pin. And the whole troop in which I am a co-leader. Can you tell I am two feel taller then everyone??
We had a big surprise one day when it started snowing! We are so mystified with Texas. It is cold one day and hot the next. I don't know how people deal with it. My hall tree has coats and jackets, the shorts and t-shirts are still in drawers. It's annoying! Lilo knows how to deal with it all! Ah to be a dog! We did not place her in there, she burrowed in! Soon my family will start to arrive and then Jason's parents will come in time for Adam's baptism. Didn't these turn out nice?
I think I have done everything I need to do to start the season. Today is Kat's birthday and we are going to the roller rink! I can't believe how big our kids are getting. 6 years ago today Jason was just 24 hours home from India and I went into labor after staying with my parents for 2 months. The time has gone by so quickly and we have been so many places since then! I am sure I will post birthday stuff soon, but until then: Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Every day of December feels like it is moving faster and faster! Of course we have two birthdays and Christmas, but this year we also are in America. And that means lots of family and friends and access to malls! So while I feel like I am hurling towards the new year I want to make sure I get on here and keep everyone up to date! Here is the latest!We had friends in the ward invite us for Thanksgiving. The food and company was so good! Thanks to the Humphreys and Oyllers! Adam had his birthday party the Saturday before he turned 8. He is growing up so much! We had a lot of fun playing games, having a disco, watching a DVD of Adams life so far, and hitting a pinata. His cake was a lego cake in the shape of an "A" in case you didn't get that.
This past weekend my mom flew us sisters to see our grandma in Kentucky. We also got to see our cousins the Neals. We had a girlie blast, even if it was only for 48 hours! Don't you love our matching PJs? I am so thankful I come from a fun family. We always know how to have a good time. My favorite was singing with my sisters and mom for Granny. We have a great heritage and it is so fun to see how bits of our ancestors are in us all.