Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing to tell...

I feel like I really don't have much to report! May is flying by! I really thought it would be long and dragged out since Jason is away, but somehow the days keeping rolling through and somehow we make it to another weekend. The last few weekends we have been in Austin house hunting and swimming at the apartment complex where Jason is staying. Turns out that the rental market is fierce in Austin and we have to make snap decisions and compromises everywhere. So even though we will not be living in our dream area or house for the next few years I am still confident we are doing the right thing by renting and saving money and aggravation. The plan is to save up and build something fabulous in the future. Maybe we can break the cycle of us making our home amazing so we can just move away. I feel like I have just been a moving zombie these past 6 weeks. I have cut out overthing in my life except Daisy Girl Scouts (and I would if I could). I miss the fun of my work with the Young Women, and the crazy girls nights with my friends. But I know I am no good to anyone cause all I want to talk about it my to-do lists. I tried to peak in on my girls Sunday but it was just too hard to see them and not be part of that group. I knew the torch had past and I didn't want to interfere with that. The one good thing that has happened recently is we had our 12 year wedding anniversary. Somehow this year I feel it's like a badge, like, "Congradulations you survived another year!" Maybe because marriage is such a crap shoot nowadays? Because I know all the work we put into making it work? I don't know but I do know I am proud of us. Especially because I know that this coming era, that we have worked SO HARD for is going to be one of peace and joy. I feel it. I am gratful that Jason found me, and that he kept me, and that we became something wonderful together. We were talking about it the other night. I realized that yes we did marry very young, but we have evolved together. We thought we had SOOOO much in common when we were dating. Then we got married and realized nope, we were two very different people. And then, as the years went by we developed intersts that were usinique to US. Like things we didn't do or enjoy before, but now together are "classic Livingston". It's hard to express. What I can express is I am proud of us and where we are. I love you Jason.

Just Married
My favorite picture so far this year:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Now a word about hair...

For the people that have been my girlfriends or sisters you know that I have always coveted celebrity's hair. Their thick flowing manes with perfect barrel curls. I have even fooled myself into thinking a perm could create that effect once or twice. I have invested hundreds over the years in curling irons and rollers. But now I think I have finally found the right product. Evidently technology had to catch up. Here they are! They make look scary but once you get the hang of it it really works. I just towel dried my hair, put some styling mouse in it, put the curlers in, then did my housework.

After about an hour they were dry. Now of course this is ideal for people like me with thin hair. I don't know what my friends Kim or Jana would do.
Ok now about the kids- we went to Austin this weekend to visit Jason and it was nice to be together and funny to see his bachelor pad. We swam at the pool every day and I also took the kids to see the capitol
Next to the capitol is a beautiful building that is the visitor center. I think it used to be a law building? Anyways they had some cool Texas exhibits in it.
I love that we got to enjoy a little Texas history for free! The rest of the weekend we spent schlepping the kids from one rental house to the other. They loved them all and I think got tired of our indecision. But it is complicated! Look at what we are contending with!
But in the end I know we are supposed to be in Austin. Jason loves his job and we love the city. The area we found to live in is like Colorado and Virginia mixed together. It is hills like we call mountains in Virginia and so green! If I can just get that view I will be all set to let time just slip on by. I am really trying to settle down I swear! Stay tuned to see where we end up!