Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bioware Ireland Inauguration

This past Monday has been a culmination of all of Jason's hard work as they opened his building for Bioware Ireland! Up until now Jason and his staff were working in rented space as Jason and his coworkers fitted out the new place. I can personally testify that Jason has put so much work into this process! Looking at the new building its hard to imagine that last year at this time there were just maybe 4 people at Bioware Ireland, now they are pushing 100 on there way to 400- All with Jason at the helm! We are so very blessed that Jason has finally found a job that uses all of his talents- even the interior design ones! Here is a link to the EA announcement of the opening. Take a minute to view the tour video so you can see what we see. More pictures to come! (Spoiler Alert- we got to meet the Prime Minister of Ireland)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Room Anyway!

Here is Alex's room. We've decide not to paint too much (I would have painted some walls grey) as this is a rental house. But I do love that his room is simple and neat and has a big floor space for him to play. Thanks Ikea!