Friday, January 23, 2009

Help Me Blogosphere!!

Ok let's not worry about uploading pictures right now, I will get to that. Right now I have more pressing matters to discuss. I am grateful to be living in America where I can speak English everyday and use my talents a little easier then I have in past years. That said, I may be a little over extended at the moment. I have two assignments that I am working on that I could use help with.

1. I am teaching a class for the stake on Missionary Skills. It is 40. Minutes. Long. AND I have to teach it 3 times in a row. I have a lot of material but what I need is a way to get the class involved. Does anyone have any activities they would suggest? I have a few ideas but I want to hear what sounds interesting to you? Why would you be willing to take a 40 minute class on missionary skills?

Ok 2. In a couple of weeks my Young Women class is in charge of the combined activity (for the boys and girls) Our idea was to have a social skills night. We need to get everyone talking and breaking out of their comfort zones. Anyways part of that is for the older kids giving them some date ideas. Can you all give me some feedback on that? What were some of the best dates you ever went on? Not the most expensive, but the fun creative ones. I would appreciate anything you can share with me. I want to give the kids a list for reference. I worry that dating is just turning into hanging out and kids are so busy texting they don't have time to learn real face to face people skills. Help me on my quest!

Thanks Internet, I knew I could count on you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a thought...

So I know I am way behind on my posts but I wanted to take some time to record my thoughts on today, the inaugural day of President Obama. When I was a kid I got to go to two inaugurations. One for George Bush senior, and the other for Bill Clinton. It's kind of a must do for those who row up in DC's shadow. So today I felt the excitement in the air even over here, though I just continued on with my day. I had a 11:15 Zumba class today and I took Alex with me. As we were driving I found an AM station that was covering it. I tuned in just in time to hear the prayer. I am so happy that that is still part of the ceremony. I think hearing it on the radio was best because I don't know what the guy looks like and wasn't distracted by the crowed. It was a pretty good prayer. Then I arrived at the gym and by the time I got Alex in the kids place I missed the VP swearing in. (didn't care anyways) But in the locker room there is sound on the tv's so I ended up in the lounge with two other ladies. We watched him take the oath and then listened to his speech. As we walked out after to our separate ways, one lady remarked that she will remember where she was when Pres. Obama took the oath and she will remember us always. Now she was a 45+ lady, and the other was a black girl about my age. We were not a typical gang, but that really touched me. I told her I didn't vote for him, but today was about America. And sitting there with those ladies and feeling the hope of something new meant something. I have some reservations about Barack Obama, but the things he said in his speech are true. If we can come together beyond our labels (black white Muslim Christian etc) and uphold honesty, integrity, curiosity,and service we can be a great nation again. I know at least that is true and I pledge my allegiance to the constitution and this country to do what I can to be the best American I can be, at home or abroad. Thanks Barack Obama. You gave us hope today.

Friday, January 2, 2009


What a wonderful Christmas! My parents and brother flew in on Christmas day so we were able to celebrate with our own little family before the extended family Christmas started. Of course we had our traditional wrapping paper code. Growing up my mom would code the presents so we couldn't tell whose is whose. I do it too every year and reveal the code on Christmas morning. This year we had a advent calender that Jason's mom made for us. It is an exact replica of the one he grew up with. It is 70's fabulous and we adore it!
We made even more cookies because there were no more for Santa. I think these turned out cute- I know Santa thought they were tasty.

On Christmas eve we got our Christmas pajamas and opened one gift. In our family we all go to the mall and the boys buy for the girls and the girls buy for the boys. That is the gift we exchange Christmas eve. Everyone did really good this year!

We really forgot to take a lot of pictures but we had a lot of fun! It was a slimmer Christmas but having so much family over made it great. My sister surprized us by driving down from Oklahoma where she was visiting her in-laws. It was her husbands gift to her. It was so great to have everyone together. Here we all are hanging out and playing wiifit and watching fireworks on the street:
It was dark but there is my dad, Jason and me, Mom, my sister Erin, her hubby Dave, my bro James, his wife Sheri, and my little bro John. Can you tell we are a fun family? Here are all the grandkids on an outing to Burrough's park.
I still need to post pictures of Kat's birthday and we have Adam's baptism tomorrow, so stay tuned!