Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catchin Up

April has been such a busy month and I really haven't done it justice. First Jason started traveling around for his consulting gig. It was great to have him back in the game and using all his customer service super powers. Jason really is a professional and did an amazing job. In fact a few days ago he got a fruit basket telling him so. With him traveling we have made the most of the weekends. Here are some pictures from Alex's birthday that I missed on the last post.Leroy and Alex are only 6 days apart so we always have their party together if we can help it. As usual it was crazy and fun. The boys had a sponge bob themed cake, we played pin the tail on the donkey and had a pinata. The biggest surprises were having Mimi and Pappy in town and Uncle James' mustache! This is what Mimi does best!

Then here are my late Easter pics of the fam. It was so fun to be dressed up for easter. Am I wrong? Is that not a tradition? I remember as kids having hats! Sadly I did not find a dress for me but at least I matched the theme. For Kat's hair I actually had her sleep in "rags" a la Little House on the Prarie, to get her hair to hold a curl. It lasted a long time. You just take a strip of cloth, roll the hair in it at tie the ends together. She was so excited. I think you can tell in her humble curtsy!
and the last notable note was that in all of Jason's travels he has been able to stop in and see loved ones.
In Utah he got to see his siblings and grandpa, but he also had a miracle. Some wonderful friends from our days in Russia were all gathered together at a restaurant the night Jason flew in. They called him as he was getting off the plane and he went straight there. It was an amazing night to see all these special people 10 years later! We know it wasn't a coincidence!

Monday, April 13, 2009

In the meantime....

Jason has started working and this week is finishing his consulting job. Next Monday he will be starting for Bioware. We are so excited but already sick of being apart. I guess we really got spoiled having him work from home this past year. I am crazy busy with church, scouts, and getting the house ready to sell. Not to mention the holidays that we have had and friends and family stopping by. I thought I would be bored with Jason away! Not a chance! I haven't even had time to scrapbook! Here are some of the highlights!

I didn't put up our St. Patty's Day pics so here are those. I was really feeling my Irish heritage this year and so we had an Irish meal and even had a leprechaun come to visit. Uncle James even made a Pot O' Gold punch with real rainbow!For Easter this year I really wanted the kids to feel connected to the Savior. So we kicked off the week by having a Family Home evening where we talked about what Jesus was doing the week before he died. We made "palm" leaf pictures and ate a meal from Jerusalem times. We had unleavened bread (pita) herbs (spinach leaves) olives, dates, apricots, fish, and cashew butter and honey. Then every night we talked about what Jesus did at that part of the week. I was surprised how much the kids really absorbed. They especially liked the parable of the talents because they have been earning their own money and I used them in the story. On Easter day we were all dressed up and color coordinated (pictures to be posted soon) and the Easter bunny came. He was tricky and left riddles for the kids to find their baskets. We had a great church service and then Jason had to fly to Virginia. But Uncle James and his family came for dinner. We had a great time enjoying the weather and playing rock band. Just a note on the weather- That morning there was a big thunderstorm and it was dark outside until the afternoon. And I told Jason I was surprised because I have never had an Easter Sunday where the weather wasn't spectacular. Well by dinner it was gorgeous. It really made me think about the crucifixion of our Savior and how the earth shook when he died, but how when he was resurrected it must have been beautiful. All in all I think I got what I wanted this year for Easter. It has been so great to live in America this year and make new traditions, I think it has been my favorite part. I also need to mention that leading up to Easter we had a lot of fun with my parents stopping by and a Easter party with the Jordys and Howes. Here are some highlights from that!

Alex actually turned 4 on Easter Sunday this year. He has been a funny kid to hang out with and he is growing up so fast. I am so proud of him that we made it- Potty trained by 4!! Since Daddy has a job now I have him going to preschool. It is great to run errands by myself and keep the house tidy all day but I have to admit I miss my buddy sometimes. This is one the interesting things Alex loves right now:
He loves to organize and sort all kinds of things. Leave him alone for a second and this is what happens. I have more to update everyone on but most of the pictures are on Jason's camera. Until then: make sure you tell your friends to buy our house!!