Monday, February 9, 2015

Hypothesis: Sarah can ride her bike to Walmart and Grocery Shop

OR: In this episode Sarah becomes a victim of too much confidence #hubris
Jason and I have decided (once again) to commit ourselves to healthy living. I will not write a health blog (because my journey is not of much help to anyone else) but maybe you will get a kick out of our exploits. I know I enjoy laughing at us. We decided to get a gym membership down the street that is 24 hours, so we can make it fit into our schedule and do it together. We couldn't get the membership started for today so we will start working out together tomorrow. In the meantime I got it into my head that in addition to healthy clean eating today I would get in my exercise by riding my bike.  I love riding my bike, and the California weather makes it a no-brainer. I also live close to a bike trail that goes right to the Walmart I normally frequent. When I go grocery shopping I usually think to myself how embarrassing it is that I live so close to the store and still drive. Turns out what truly is embarrassing is looking like a homeless woman in front of your neighbors.

I prepared for my trip by making a concise grocery list, strapping on a backpack and bungeeing on a basket on the back of my bike. The day was cool and perfect rainbow weather. I made it to the store in 8 minutes, and felt pretty smug as I locked up at the bike rack. I noticed two other bikes with boxes on the back, and for a second felt part of an elite group. I was pretty proud of my shopping because it was half the amount that I usually buy. But somehow when you have to carry it all home it is the most food ever. I loaded the bike and backpack, preparing for my ride but it was too much for my Panama Cruiser. When I stopped to put in my backpack the bike fell over and my food all rolled around. I kept my eyes down lest I saw anyone looking at me and repacked the bike. I finally got going by putting two bags on the handle bars, a bag in the basket, and the backpack on my back. I slowly started the 2 miles home with the shame building over my stupid idea. Thank goodness for my sunglasses and the quiet time of day, because no one seemed to recognize me. People must have thought I didn't own a car or that I was an "urban camper". I should have stuck to the anonymity of my car. It was slow going, and at one point I had to walk my bike instead of ride it, but after 20 minutes I made it home.

Why did I have to combine exercise and errands?? Why did I think my body could make that happen? Well, I just wanted to see if I could. I have since taken an Alieve, rubbed on some IcyHot and have resolved to wear a disguise next time I go to Walmart.

Conclusion to Hypothesis: Sarah can do her grocery shopping on her bike, but should not. 

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